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Who is Marc?

#1 Network Recommended On-Air Coach

Marc Watts is America's foremost TV talent maven. No one has sculpted more in-front-of-the-camera TV careers than Marc. Hundreds of on-air TV news and sports personalities who are household names consider Marc to be the go-to coach that made their aspirations a reality. 


As an Emmy Award-winning TV reporter and anchor himself, Marc sees and hears things that no one else does while he watches and listens to talent present. When an on-air TV talent comprehends and utilizes the lessons that Marc teaches, the results are career changing. Even seasoned professionals are amazed by their transformation. 

Marc's teaching style is energetic and hands on. Students always walk away with tangible skills they can immediately put into practice to elevate their career.


Prior to forming the Academy, Marc ran the Talent Unit at NFL Network. He also has been a broadcast talent agent and manager.  Concurrently, for the last two decades, Marc has also worked on-air as a local, network and independent journalist.


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